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If you're interested in contributing a guest post, please send along a detailed pitch. In order to be considered, your pitch needs to include:

  • Suggested title for your post
  • Brief summary of the purpose and focus of the article (consider drafting a sample paragraph to include with your pitch)
  • Links that you'd like to reference in your piece (please be sure to use at least one existing Idealist Careers post as a referenced link in your piece)
  • An outline of the subheaders you'd like to use in your post

Please also include anything else that may be helpful in painting a more complete picture of your idea. We want to be sure that every piece published on our site is a useful resource for our audience of nonprofit and social-impact professionals.

A few things to note as you organize your materials:

  • We currently do not accept sponsored or overtly promotional content.
  • It’s our goal to create content that always speaks to our unique audience of social-impact professionals. This applies to everything from the language and images we use, to the examples of real-life situations that we offer.
  • We provide actionable and specific advice in every piece of content we publish on Idealist Careers.

If your pitch is accepted, we'll share some more detailed next steps and guidelines to help you draft the perfect piece of content.

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