Logos and Videos

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Why a logo?

Imagine that freedom and dignity had a logo. Imagine being able to see, in a flash of color, that in every country and every culture there are people who share some of our deepest values. Imagine what we could do with that.

Our friends in Bandon, Ireland

Frames and GIFS to use online

Download the logo in various formats, add this frame to your Facebook profile, and if you like GIFs, they are all here!

Videos and Presentations

Meet Ida, watch some short videos that we are making as we go, and join us for a presentation of this whole idea.

T-shirts, banners, and much more

To get an Idealist T-shirt, or use the Idealist logo in any other way, you can do one of two things. Order from this online store (please note that we don't make any money from this), or just use that page for inspiration and then make your own.