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About Us

EcoMotion is a certified small business incorporated in 2001 with headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. We have a history of promoting renewable energy, smart energy management, and climate protection. EcoMotion’s President, Ted Flanigan, came to Los Angeles to serve as Director of Energy Efficiency at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. He has spearheaded efficiency projects in the United States and overseas for 34 years, focusing primarily on solar and storage for the past 11 years.

EcoMotion’s managers are a strong team, integral to our successful work. EcoMotion, its principals, and colleagues have a track record of steering society toward a sustainable energy future and a reputation of getting things done. The company raises awareness and spurs smart energy management, notably efficiency retrofits and renewable energy, capital improvement projects. This takes many forms, from lighting and HVAC upgrade potentials, to solar and storage analyses, to carbon neutrality advising. We helped a New York school take major steps towards its 2020 carbon neutrality commitment in a cost-effective, phased approach. That began with a 43-building energy audit and eight acres of solar.

EcoMotion offers independent consulting services as an “owner’s representative” to help cities, corporations, and schools develop sustainability strategies and to build projects. Our team provides comprehensive energy/capacity, rate offset, and financial savings analysis. We have prepared Environmental Sustainability plans, Sustainability plans, Climate Action Plans, and Energy Action Plans. We’ve developed tracking tools to measure results, discover and flag variances, to report on progress.