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About Us

Salsa Labs (Salsa) helps nonprofits and political campaigns ignite action and fuel change around the world by growing and engaging a base of support online. With Salsa, groups of all sizes can easily organize their supporters and chapters, fundraise, advocate, communicate through email and social media, host events and measure results. Salsa provides more than technology; it offers strategic best practices, training, highly rated support and a strong online community, so its clients can focus their energy on their mission. The company currently empowers more than 3,000 organizations’ and their more than 75 million donors, members, activists and fans across the globe. You exist to make the world a better place. We exist to help you do that. Visit Salsa online at

When You Work with Salsa, You Will:

  • Put More Energy Into Your Mission and Less into Technology - More affordable than similarly featured enterprise solutions and more fully-featured than "free" or "low cost" point solutions, Salsa has all the features you need, seamlessly integrated in an easy-to-use, web-based platform to help you fundraise, advocate, communicate and organize supporters online, whether you have a small team of dedicated people or a complex, large or geographically dispersed organization
  • Grow and Engage Supporters Online for Measurable Results - Salsa makes a multi-channel online campaign not just possible but also frictionless for your supporters. Segmenting your messages to target the right audience with the right message at the right time through online channels including email and social media, you will have greater response and greater impact with Salsa. To make that possible, Salsa provides more than tools, we educate our clients on strategic best practices and partner with leading services providers to fill any needs you may have.
  • Gain Strength from Peers who Stand Behind Your Mission - Founded as a nonprofit and full of passionate people, we at Salsa don't just believe in fairness and equality for all, we work hard for it. We want protection of peace, fair trade and human rights around the world including healthcare, education and freedom of religion as well as a healthy environment from clean energy and sustainable development. And, we only take on clients who support those beliefs.
These Are a Few of Our Best Qualities:
  • We are downright obsessive about making certain you are as happy as possible with Salsa, so it is no wonder that we boast a 98% average customer support satisfaction rating.
  • We live and breathe the missions of our clients, so everything we do from our technology and service to our online community is designed to further the causes of nonprofit organizations, campaigns and associations dedicated to public interest, environment, education, arts & humanities and health & human services.
  • We practice what we preach and institute as many community best practices as possible in our daily work-life. Whether it's a paper, plastic and battery recycling program, buying from union shops or environmentally-friendly products when possible or giving employees time off each quarter for community service, we hold ourselves accountable to have a positive impact on the world.