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About Us

The 360 Group has evolved into a nationally recognized boutique executive search firm that has consistently focused on mission-driven organizations, including philanthropic organizations. We have, over the past dozen years, developed relationships with influential and emerging leaders throughout a variety of sectors across the nation. As such, our firm brings to clients a breadth, depth, and quality unique in our field. We run our business with the same values we champion for the social sector: strong leadership, collaboration, diversity, thoughtfulness, open-mindedness, creativity, and effective execution.

From the start, diversity in leadership has been an area of focus and specialization for our firm. At The 360 Group, we know that a richly diverse mix of professionals makes organizations more effective; we have developed relationships with a wide range of institutions, enabling us to deliver real value in increasing diversity in these critical organizations. We have become a national leader in promoting diversity in the social sector, through our search work and thought leadership. We offer unparalleled access to diverse candidates pools and ultimately, 85% of our placements represent diverse hires– setting an industry standard. In fact, that is why we chose an ancient diversity symbol as the basis for our updated logo. 

We have designed an innovative search process called Citizen-Centered Search™ that really captures the essence of our clients, helping us to reach broadly to identify outstanding candidates from a wide range of backgrounds. We begin each search engagement by speaking with relevant stakeholders in order to understand the organization’s leadership needs. While many firms, including ours, draw on broad networks to present an array of distinguished candidates, our focus is on developing leadership over the long term, and identifying candidates that can address the specific needs of the client organization. We also assess candidates’ ability to lead with their values, and the extent to which their values are a match for the client organization. As a result, our Citizen-Centered Search™ process yields, ultimately, a 95% retention rate.

We have conducted a number of national chief executive searches in the mission-driven space. These and many other experiences provide The 360 Group with a unique understanding of this important field– how it is structured, how it works and who the key leaders are.