Foundation Management Group

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About Us

The largest expenses of a nonprofit organization, after mission driven and program costs, are staff and overhead. Foundation Management Group (FMG) is a unique full management, professional services, and fundraising firm that will work for you and with you to significantly reduce these costs, so that more of your hard-earned funds can to go towards your mission and the survival of your programs.

With decades of experience in every aspect of nonprofit management and development, we do the day-to-day work, year-in/year-out, enabling our clients to reduce staff and overhead costs, and spend more time focusing on the core goals of their organization.

FMG's mission is to position our clients - large or small, new or well established - so they can achieve their vision/mission and maximize the impact of their efforts in these unparalleled times.

At FMG, we are not mere consultants; we won't just tell you what to do in an ideal world, take a fee, and disappear, leaving you to implement. We become an integral part of your team and your goals and long-term success become ours.