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About Us

ROM works with nonprofit executives and boards to create sustainable financial and service performance through streamlined planning and disciplined execution. To meet increasing demands for services under constrained funding, effective nonprofit executives and boards focus on:

  • mission clarity - How has your mission adapted to changing realities of economy, technology and society?
  • resource alignment - What's your "revenue from the middle" when you've cut costs and maxed out donors?
  • operational transparency - Do your funders, stakeholders and staff really know where you are and going?
  • managerial accountability - How do you support and hold accountable your management team?
  • strategic agility - Have you anticipated and prepared for likely or unexpected shifts in you environment?

These areas are tied together, so improvement needs a holistic approach to fully understand and strengthen strategy, operations and culture. ROM provides assessment, process improvement, strategic and business planning, facilitation, business model development, leadership development, talent management, performance measurement, governance, and project/program evaluation. All ROM teams are led by a Certified Management Consultant, the global standard for management consulting (less than 1% of consultants have this designation).

Our nonprofit clients include social services, education, energy, professional and trade associations, finance, healthcare, biomedical research, sports, science and engineering.

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