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About Us

Higher Logic is the leading provider of social CRM technology for associations, franchises, users’ groups and businesses. We believe that engagement is the key to any successful venture. That’s why we strive to provide our clients with innovative software services and tools that drive knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Relationships are at the core of any organization’s long-term success. Relationships that are forged between like-minded individuals in a secure environment spur idea and knowledge sharing on subjects and issues relevant to the broader community. And relevance builds trust. When organizations and businesses are trusted by their constituencies, these constituencies will likely be more engaged, supportive and motivated. Ultimately, our mission is simple: To help our clients build organizational value, relevancy and impact by engaging key audiences in relevant online discussions.

Our Commitment - Higher Logic is built on a commitment to meaningful and lasting community engagement. Our software solutions are designed to empower relationship and community building and growth, which we believe are fundamental elements to the long-term success of any organization.

Our Community - At Higher Logic, we distinguish ourselves through unparalleled customer service. We provide meaningful ways for our clients and partners to interact with one another and with our team of experts, whenever it is needed. From integration through expansion, we embody our pledge to collaboration and problem solving by being there when and where our clients need us.

Our Promise - We take pride in the tens of thousands of communities we’ve created for our clients in markets across the globe. We deliver superior quality products on time and within budget. Our products and services are designed to be flexible and scalable, reducing the need for duplication, added expense and unnecessary use of human and environmental resources.

Our People - We don’t hire employees, we hire mission-driven enthusiasts with a passion for the color orange. In fact, we have been dubbed the “Orange Army” by our clients, and we strive to live up to the expectations that designation sets for us each day. Like the color orange, we see ourselves as bold, unique and unexpected, working hard in the trenches and in the field to deliver superior results and innovative solutions to our clients’ most compelling challenges.