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30 Vesey St, Suite 900
New York
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About Us

Advomatic is a full service web technology firm. We specialize in Strategy Consulting, Website Development, and Hosting. Our clients are mostly progressive non-profit advocacy organizations, but we also do work for a variety of private, commercial and government organizations. We have a fun, professional team of dedicated developers, strategists and designers who love what they do: helping our clients be successful online.

Advomatic's clients range from non-profit advocacy organizations to private, educational and government organizations and we have worked with a variety of organizations such as the ACLU, United Federation of Teachers, Alternet, PBS, Sony/BMG, GLAAD and the Natural Resources Defense Council. We have done projects with several large educational institutions including California College of the Arts, Rutgers Newark and the St. Vrain School District in Colorado. We've also built governmental sites for a state legistature - New York State Senate - as well as federal agencies.

Our work has been commended by the New York Times, TechPresident, DailyKos, Mother Jones and The Huffington Post.