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About Us

Rapporteur is a strategic communication facilitator for public interest organizations, NGOs, and nonprofits.

This is a specialized consultancy focused on conveying the key facets of complex issues to influential audiences. It offers a flexible, budget-based resource for organizations that need to augment in-house staff with specific expertise in the most challenging aspects of their public affairs programs. As an operation it is lean, responsive, and attuned to the financial and resource constraints facing most organizations in the social sector, especially those for whom additional full-time staffing may not be feasible.

Rapporteur supports strategic communication and advocacy in organizations working for social change and environmental action. It combines the high-level strategic focus of a business consultant with practical results-oriented support in some of the most challenging facets of the field:

  • Campaign strategy, tactics & management
  • Media, constituent & community relations
  • Message development & writing
  • Outcomes & impact reporting
  • Research & policy communication
  • Online tools, tactics & strategies
  • Conference & event programming
  • Presentation & testimony support
  • Departmental consulting & training

Rapporteur is geared to the operational and budgetary realities of the public interest sector. It aims to achieve the most productive outcomes for client investments of money, resources, and time through:

  • Productive integration with client staff and operations
  • Effective collaboration with management
  • Realistic monthly retainers and project fees