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About Us


Home Business Network is a registered Rwandan Company (RDB Reg. Code: 107336588) and a full-service provider of recruitment, staffing/placement and consultancy Services, established with a common drive to connect skills-holders with the market, small businesses and the community. We strongly believe in our values of agility, reliability, quality, respect and collaboration. With over 30 home-based businesses in Rwanda, we felt it’s time for young professionals to have their own network. A network of like-minded businesses who you could connect with, share ideas and even socialize with from time to time at exclusive, home based business networking events. A network of coaches, mentors and industry specialists to answer the difficult questions for you and support you as you turn your skills into business, grow your business and prosper. A network of information, inspiration and entertainment delivered through your own, dedicated internet 24/7. 


To provide the high quality programs and services to our community through linking skills-holders with the market.


To become a world leading consulting company in-terms of job creation and placement support

With regard to HR consultancy, our success relies on our ability to attract the best employees, interns and volunteers available for our placement providers. Recruitment methods are always fair, efficient, and effective. We recruit with a vision in mind: to help clients find the top talents and help candidates find the right workplace. At its core, HBN has an unmatched dedication in delivering great results for its clients and is an excellent source for job seekers