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About Us

WithoutViolence is an initiative that accelerates the impact of violence prevention advocates and practitioners to improve the lives of boys and girls. We are based in Berlin but our partners and projects are global, with a current focus in/on South America, East Africa and Europe.

WithoutViolence aims to develop more effective solutions-oriented communications strategies and synergies with members of both public and private sectors that can help broaden and deepen engagement with the issue of violence against children. Through its Fellowships, New Champions and Building for Scale Programs its aims are to:

  • Strengthen the profile of leaders who are advocates in the field
  • Gain greater visibility in global media for the potential to prevent violence in children’s lives
  • Cultivate global influencers who champion the prevention of violence in children’s lives as a political and social priority
  • Ensuring knowledge about good practice and ‘best-buy’ policies for the prevention of violence in children’s lives is widely shared and used by practitioners, policymakers, funders and advocates