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About Us

DialogueDirect is dedicated to putting words into action and inspiring people to "Be the Change" they wish to see in the world. We take it upon ourselves to not only raise awareness about the outstanding charities that we represent, but to instill action and raise funds necessary for these charities to fight poverty and end injustices throughout the world. We do this using a face-to-face fundraising strategy.


Our Dialoguers are the most important element of our face-to-face fundraising strategy. They go out every day, armed with knowledge and inspiration to share with the public through “dialogues”. With every successful dialogue, lives are changed around the world.


DialogueDirect first began representing charities using Face-to-face fundraising in Austria in 1995. It all started when our founder traveled to fundraise in a small town in Austria and his car broke down. He had a mission, and he didn’t have time to wait for a tow, so he thought, “Why bother going door to door? Why don’t I try direct marketing on the street?”

Fast forward to today. Over two decades later, that car breakdown has sparked a global fundraising phenomenon. We’ve talked to millions of donors, raised millions in recurring monthly donations, representing many of the greatest charities in the world.

All because one man believed in the power of conversation, and took action.