Keeling & Associates, LLC

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About Us

Keeling & Associates, LLC (K&A) is a higher education consulting and executive search firm based in New York City.

  • We work with colleges and universities to solve problems, take advantage of opportunities, and plan for the future.
  • We help higher education meet the most important challenge it faces today: improving the quality and quantity of learning. We call this change for learning.

Our mission is to improve outcomes in higher education by creating change for learning.

Our Approach

At the heart of our work is learning -- what it is, how it happens, what supports or undermines it, and how we know it when we see it. We are evidence-based; we depend on the neurosciences, cognitive psychology, and the scholarship of teaching and learning to ground our projects and reports.

We continue to contribute to the published literature in higher education and to meaningful leadership activities in professional organizations.In every project we deliver, we collaboratively develop and share the mission and goals of our clients’ work — improving vision, strategy, and results in higher education. With that in mind, we prefer to think of our client relationships as partnerships devoted to achieving these common goals.

We believe that as our partnerships focus on improving vision, strategy, and results on individual campuses, we are actually contributing to strengthening those qualities in higher education as a whole. Whether you are a college or university, higher education association, not-for-profit organization or business client of K&A, our philosophy is the same. When we work together, we share our mission and goals — and we are partners.

Our Services

K&A provides these consulting services:

  • Planning: change for learning; institutional, academic, and divisional strategy; restructuring and reallocation of resources; faculty; retention.
  • Reviews: academic programs (e.g., general education), Student Affairs divisions, programs, and services (especially health, counseling, career), other departments and divisions, whole institutions.
  • Accreditation: planning, self-study, preparation for visit
  • Executive Search: senior officers in Student Affairs and/or Enrollment Management; Student Affairs development officers; directors of health-related programs and services.
  • Assessment: planning, professional development, implementation
  • Presentations/Workshops: on higher education, learning, assessment
  • Senior Executive Consultation: coaching and leadership development