AnLar Incorporated

  • Virginia


1560 Wilson Boulevard
United States

About Us

Meaning of AnLar

an lár (ahn lar)

  1. the center where people come to meet
  2. city center; town center

Deriving its name from “an lár,” AnLar is built on the conviction that a core culture of clear vision, creative and efficient collaboration, and empowered people dedicated to quality work will result in positive outcomes and lasting success  value for our clients and their stakeholders, and satisfaction for our team. We are deeply committed to designing and delivering quality products and services that truly meet our clients’ needs and we go the extra mile to ensure that our work meets and exceeds expectations. A hub of interaction and a laboratory for innovative ideas, AnLar values a positive and productive culture that fosters open dialogue, creative thinking, strong relationships, and efficient processes and tools. While AnLar is literally our team’s center, we think it is key to work closely with our clients, striving to establish effective communication and find the best solutions to help them find their own center. Let us help you find your way to an lár.

What We Offer

AnLar is a small business based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area that offers a diverse range of services in support of programs and projects for clients in both the public and private sectors. Our team has extensive experience in the following service areas (follow the links to learn more):

Our Approach

We at AnLar believe that a strong foundation built upon great relationships, smart processes, efficient tools and hard work drive success. Our Approach to designing, developing and delivering high quality products and services spans three interconnected pillars: community, process and technology.