The Mullings Group, LLC

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10 Dorrance Street
United States

About Us

The Mullings Group is a business consultancy that helps micro-business entrepreneurs start and run their businesses by providing entrepreneurship training and business and technology consulting services.

Our Vision

Be the trusted partner of micro-business entrepreneur-leaders for developing themselves and their business.

Our Mission

1. Develop and teach solutions that build wealth

2. To help regular people become entrepreneurs so that they can live free

3. Provide a low-cost, low risk way to start and run businesses that truly solve problems

Our Core Values

1. Truth - honesty and integrity in all that we do.

2. Loyalty - we will be loyal to our clients and place a high value on our loyal clients.

3. Honor - we will treat each client with the highest respect and honor.

4. Whatever we do, we will do well.

5. We will seize challenges as opportunities.

6. We will enjoy what we do.