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About Us offers free chat software to all 501Cs. With the age of the internet, chat has become the go-to means of gathering information, displacing both phones and email. By engaging every visitor, new or old, Chat For Charites doesn’t let donations fall to chance by actively helping potential donors to secure both donations and qualified leads. With over 10 years of being Google Qualified and an unparalleled record of success in both marketing and chat initiatives, Chat For Charites is now bringing its expertise in this area to nonprofit organizations. With their specialized service, Chat For Charities set up charities with innovative software designed to assist each and every visitor every step of the way.

Chat For Charities offer a unique, innovative approach utilizing proprietary software with client services on charity websites. The user friendly software includes a fully featured, self-hosted customizable chat box(es) for one user and one domain. Other features include mobile responsiveness, live website traffic monitoring, online/offline messaging system, customizable chat buttons and the ability to track visitor footprints.

Chat For Charities understands that charities, like any good business, require income to achieve what no one else would. And this income, no matter how large or small, comes mainly from site visitors. When a charity is looking to engage a donor already interested in donating to their cause, providing easy-to-access service is a top priority. In such a competitive world as charitable organizations, direct access to help can mean the difference between a wonderful contribution and a lost opportunity. Donors that don’t find the help they need will quickly turn to charities that provide this assistance.

As an additional service, charities may upgrade for below market value to receive live chat support manned by disabled veterans. This cost-effective option increases online donations from existing website traffic, engages visitors who have a limited amount of time, and addresses customer service issues quickly while benefiting citizens who served.

Chat for Charities, Inc. is a certified B Corporation set up to meet standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. If you are interested in increasing your donor contributions and acquiring new donors, Chat for Charities offer a unique, innovative approach to engage website visitors with chat with your trained staff. Don’t let customer service go by the wayside at your charity. Invest in your followers, invest in your future.