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About Us

Social innovation consultancy looks for talent

Founded in 2010, LeFil Consulting (www.lefilconsulting.com) specializes in the identification, design, growth and replication of innovations that create social and economic value, sustainably and at scale. We work for start-ups and large corporations, donors and NGOs, as well as governments and their constituencies, and have expertise across a broad range of sectors and geographies.

LeFil Consulting functions like a commercial enterprise with a social purpose: we put impact first, but use the rigor and methods of business to do so. We offer top-notch business consulting to solve social problems, in a way that is more cost-effective, innovative and focused than traditional consultancies.

All our work is based on extensive first-hand data collection and analytics. We do not pretend to know best practices and solutions upfront, but we seek to learn from the actual facts and performance of the most successful players in a given field. And we go the extra mile to think through the strategic implications for our clients.

The problems we are addressing are so massive that there is enough space for everybody to solve them. In all our work, we seek to advance sectors as a whole, not only our individual clients. We also operate through a global network of partners and professionals, to bring the best set of capabilities to our clients, wherever they are.