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About Us

We are a creative collective with one mission: To build a movement for your non-profit through diverse storytelling mediums to power your community into action.

The Inspired Storytellers Collective is a group of creative individuals with non-profit backgrounds working to build movements around your brand through the art of storytelling. Combining marketing, branding, photography, video, multimedia, web and events, The Inspired Storytellers Collective customizes our services to fit your organization’s needs. Using our experience working for non-profits, we understand that each organization is unique and we use out-of-the-box ideas to create innovative and cohesive plans to increase the impact of the organization.

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We don’t view the needs of your organization from one perspective. Our principals come from different backgrounds and you will work directly with them to form a unique plan that focuses on creating movement within your community. We use varying mediums working cohesively with each other to accomplish this goal. From logo and basic branding services to special events and documentary videos, we work to create unique plans that draw in different audiences through different pipelines.

There are no cookie cutter projects here. Our collective is always looking for the most innovative and inspiring ways to tell the story of your non-profit. You won’t find a more varied group of individuals anywhere else. You can learn more about our unique collective members here.


As a non-profit, you need a community who wants to take action and be involved in your mission. This is done through creating outlets for action. The IS Collective focuses on finding out who your audience is and how to get them involved in your cause. Instead of focusing on just one medium, the collective approaches your audience through different sources. We create different ways for both prospective and current audiences to discover your organization and even more importantly, feel invested in your mission.

Every member of our collective are creative individuals who are involved in different industries. We realize your organization is equal parts passion and business. Drawing in from varied experiences, we bring the best of the non-profit, creative and business worlds to you to create experiences that are relatable on several levels.

As a non-profit, we understand that getting the most of your money is of utmost importance. In À la carte fashion, we form unique groups from our collective members to create a team formatted specifically for your non-profit. We go the extra mile to ensure projects will create the largest impact.