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About Us

Bully Pulpit Interactive was founded by the digital marketers of the Obama Presidential campaign to help clients in the public and private sectors create modern versions of what President Roosevelt once called a “bully pulpit,” or a platform, to tell their story, increase their bottom line and shape public opinion.

In 2008 our team helped to create a new political model. Digital marketing harnessed the energy created by Barack Obama’s candidacy and drew millions of new supporters into a movement. With unprecedented rates of return on investment, the Obama online paid media program contributed to the following results:

  • 13 million active email list subscribers
  • Over $500 million raised online
  • 29 primary and caucus state victories, driven by supporters recruited online
  • A 53% general election victory

Today, we work with global non-profits, corporations and advocacy groups to develop a comprehensive framework for digital. We integrate communications and marketing best practices to maximize mind share from a social, paid and earned media point of view. Some recent clients include Obama for America, SHRM, and LIVESTRONG.