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About Us

We leverage nonprofits' impact by providing solutions on Salesforce.

501Partners has provided Salesforce consulting to over 120 nonprofits across the country - from large educational institutions to tiny start-ups.  With deep domain expertise in data management and systems integration, our client projects span a spectrum of engagement.

New to Salesforce?

501Partners' Launchpad consulting and technical services will get you up and running.  We have consulted on dozens of Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Package implementations.  And over 300 nonprofits have attended our Salesforce for Nonprofits Boot Camps.

Currently using Salesforce?

Many of our clients have already begun using Salesforce and engage 501Partners to:

  • Evaluate their current instance of Salesforce to ensure workflow and data integrity are sensible for their needs.
  • Provide enhanced functionality to serve constituencies other than donors – such as grantors, employment applications, and program delivery.
  • Develop custom applications specific to their agency's needs.
  • Write custom code and triggers that simplify reporting and work flow.
  • Develop Monitoring and Evaluation tools on the platform.
  • Advice on data cleansing and ongoing methods to keep it clean.
  • Staff training and re-training. When key administrators or users are no longer available, 501Partners steps in and seamlessly keeps the team productive.

Our engagements with current Salesforce users have been as short as a half day of discovery and consulting, to as long as several months.

If you're new to Salesforce, or simply considering it:

The Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack is analogous to having a Ferrari engine with no instructions on how to turn it into a functioning automobile.

The 501Launchpad platform is designed to take the mystery out of Salesforce and get you up and fully functional in a very short period of time. Incorporating over 150 changes to fields and objects within Salesforce, based on nonprofit best practices, along with a number of specialized applications, 501Launchpad provides a complete package of:

  • Donor database and management
  • Grant management
  • Volunteer management
  • Campaign implementation
  • Training
  • Ongoing, unlimited user support