The Billions Institute, LLC

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About Us

The Billions Institute, LLC, envisions a healthy & just planet where as many people as possible thrive and where citizens everywhere are much more capable of making change. Our mission is to accelerate the spread of practices and innovations that both address the root causes of global suffering and tackle their worst expressions, ultimately resulting in at least a billion people on the planet experiencing more justice, more freedom and better health and well-being. Co-founded in 2014 by Joe McCannon and Becky Margiotta, the company employs a small but mighty team of six employees with offices located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Los Angeles, California.

Specifically, we will carry out the following activities in pursuit of our mission:

1.       Working alongside leaders who are seeking to spread effective solutions, offering training, networked learning opportunities, and consulting services.

2.       Spreading promising solutions to social problems that we find or create ourselves.

3.       Conducting and sharing our own cutting-edge research on the science of diffusion and scaling.


A set of core operating values informs everything we do at the Billions Institute. We believe that how we work, day in and day out, is highly predictive of success or failure. Specifically, we believe that we must:

●       Look clearly and unflinchingly on the world’s most serious problems and their origins.

●       Take responsibility for the injustice, inequity, exclusion and destruction we see in the world, including the ways in which we perpetuate it.  

●       Take action with the conviction that too much time spent in contemplation is immoral and ineffective.

●       Build bravery in the face of the fear that undermines so much change and progress.

●       Embody optimism in the belief that improvement is always possible and that great teams can accomplish the big things that others insist they can’t.

●       Demonstrate curiosity, listening humbly to other people and learning honestly by facing into data every day.

●       Act with generosity and care in all of our interactions with our colleagues, our customers and the community.

●       Calmly improvise and adjust, accepting that the world is full of uncertainty and ambiguity.