RAISING CLARITY: your practical and intuitive guide to money and other resources for change

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About Us

We began as a fundraising and moneycoaching consultancy and quickly learned from our soul-colleagues (network, community--including clients who become friends and friends who become clients) that what we really offer is CLARITY in those and other areas of nonprofit development. We teach, model, and practice clarity in our dealings within the nonprofit and solopreneurship/social entrepreneurship communities. For example, we explicitly ask those we work with to develop a daily clarity-increasing practice (secular or spiritual). We teach setting smart boundaries around time and technology, and how to use the freedom this gives us by structuring work in service to others that also creates abundance for ourselves and those we love. We explicitly do not foster dependency but independence from us, while maintaining close collegial ties with our growing community of soul-colleagues. We work with people of all faiths and no faiths. We speak French, some Spanish, and a strong variety of religious and spiritual "languages." We teach how to raise money, give away money, design and build and fund work, and transition work when it needs to change. We coach, consult, guide, and train.

Our initial session is always free, and sometimes it takes more free sessions than that to determine if we are a fit and what our scope of work will be. References are very much available upon request, and testimonials are available on our website at the "Coaching," "Training," and "Consulting" links in the navbar (up at the top of the website, www.raisingclarity.com).