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About Us

Zellous.org develops websites that promote community engagement. We are sustainably minded and make every attempt to economize resources.

We develope websites using the WordPress CMS.

“How can a website make any difference?”

Well, just as what we eat has a long supply chain before it reaches our mouth, so too does a web page before it reaches our eyes. Every little step along the way adds up when it is multiplied by factors of millions. The web requires energy. The source of this energy is the key question.

Our mission is to show non-profits, businesses, and individuals new choices to help reduce their carbon footprint, how they can take small or big steps toward Sustainable Website Design.

We have developed a 12 point plan that is easy to follow and that will help organizations save time, money, and even more importantly the planet. We can help organizations that all ready care about eco-values. carry their principles throughout their online presence. Their website hosting, their platform, their approach to maintenance will all reflect these values. Energy, time, money, principles saved!