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About Us

Thinkinc. is a creative Chicago-based public affairs and political consulting firm that delivers strategic planning and positioning, messaging, branding, issue framing, and educational campaigns to organizations whose mission it is to improving people's lives on a local, regional, and national level. We provide the critical strategic thinking and planning that most organizations desperately need but do not have the time or internal resources to tackle properly, delivering multi-level strategies with the power to seize the debate, transform thinking around key issues, and elevate our clients into thought leaders.

Thinkinc.'s Key Capabilities include:

  • Building Political Will: Utilizing strategic communications and partnerships to build the external political will necessary to gain public awareness and high-level attention for your key issues;
  • Issue Framing/Public Education Campaigns: Developing highly strategic messaging platforms and integrated communications strategies to build awareness, influence public opinion, impact legislation, and engage and move important constituencies into action;
  • Strategic Planning & Positioning: Managing and stewarding your organization through a strategic planning and positioning process to strengthen your organizational infrastructure, identify hidden resources, and unify around an overall vision;
  • Board Development: Ensuring your board of directors is aligned with your overall vision and mission and able to provide effective political and financial leadership by assessment and strategic improvement of your cultivation, recruitment, orientation, and training methods;
  • Resource Development: Strengthening philanthropic resources through strategic improvements to development efforts and forging partnerships with key funders;
  • Government & Community Relations: Engaging neighbors, community organizations, and government at all levels to enhance your potential to expand into new markets, provide new services, or successfully navigate controversy;
  • Strategic Partnerships: Forging partnerships with key individuals, organizations, officials, and funders that support and enhance your ability to turn your goals and objectives into a reality;
  • Coalition Management: Building and stewarding coalitions of individual and organizational allies in support of a common aim;
  • Event Planning: Staging convenings, white paper issue forums, press conferences, and other special events that allow you to bring your message directly to public officials, community leaders, key partners, and major media outlets; and
  • Media Relations: Utilizing our longstanding relationships with influential journalists and media outlets across the Chicago region and nationally to place your story in leading newspapers, news broadcasts, and online news channels.