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About Us

In more than 25 years working around the world with a special focus on Africa and Latin America, AMGlobal Consulting has a built a reputation for providing exceptional results working with Fortune 10 companies like Chevron and Oracle, small technology firms, donor agencies and NGOs.AMG is a market leader helping companies create innovative CSR and social outreach programs that mitigate risk and build opportunity. Our experience working with new technology and Internet policy for Emerging Markets provides a unique perspective on the #1 area for growth in today’s global economy.

AMGlobal’s dynamic approach identifies opportunities for collaboration and structures sustainable partnering solutions. AMG facilitates high value meetings between Governments, companies, NGOs and donors and has recently added a marketing practice to give projects and initiatives even more visibility.

AMGlobal is internationally recognized for our proven ability to build CSR programs that fit corporate culture, energize employees and engage the public. We create sustainable approaches and programs that make a difference in the community and help firms improve the bottom line.

Emerging economies are the future. AMGlobal helps clients understand what’s next, identifying opportunities and creating the networks to succeed.When you need to understand how your solution fits the needs of a new market, where your technology addresses a crucial development need… and how to explain it all to governments, consumers and the press, AMGlobal can provide the solution.