The Actual Dance

  • Virginia


1427 Pathfinder Lane
United States

About Us

The Actual Dance LLC is a theatrical production touring a one-man show to theaters, churches, breast cancer support groups, hospice, and caregiver organizations. It is entering it's fifth year of performances. It has performed at venues in all parts of the country. There are moderated dialogues and workshops after performances. 2018 is its 5th year of performances. It is seeking to expand to a national tour beginning in late summer 2018 through to 2020.

The Actual Dance offers a rare male voice in the breast cancer journey. It's mission is to reach everyone who needs to experience the powerful message of love and reconciliation with the losses associated with cancer.

There are two Actors. The original version is autobiographical to Playwright Sam Simon and when he performs it presents the experience of a Jewish man. Chuk Obasi is an actor and plays the role and is African American and presents the experience of a Christian man.