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About Us

Changemaker Communications provides copywriting services and storytelling strategies for those striving to bring more peace into the world.

We see thoughtful, provocative communication as the vital link to solving most of humanity’s pressing problems (as well as preventing new ones). Stories can be a powerful means of sparking empathy, compassion and transformation. That’s our Why.

Our storytelling work goes beyond getting messages out there. It's about helping clients inspire people to become active participants in their own lives and within their communities.

Are you a nonviolence-based nonprofit? We know how it is. You’re stretched to the max on your outreach budget (if you’re even lucky enough to have a budget). And yet so much needs to be done to make sure people engage with your message. We may be able to lend you that extra hand with donations-based or pro bono services.

Changemaker Communications is a trade name of Changemaker Community LLC.