Sacred Feminine Medicine

  • California


2335 Market Street
Suite 1
San Francisco
United States

About Us

Sacred Feminine Medicine helps women embrace the sacred feminine within. Our mission is based on women's spirituality to help women experience empowerment, self- love, and self-expression. Our vision encompasses holistic healing, wellness, mind-body practices and women’s spirituality. Our services help women to embrace the sacred arts, learn nourishing self-care practices and establish more intimacy within themselves.

Sacred Feminine Medicine offers ways in which women can deepen their relationship with self-love, intuition and intimacy. Also to feel empowered, to connect to embodiment, feel their wholeness, experience more joy in their life and feel good about themselves. We also offer workshops and programs to help women learn more about the sacred arts and priestessing.

We are also proud to consult, co-facilitate and vision with other organizations like Shakti Rising Women's Organization.