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About Us

Did you know that only a fraction of eligible donors who work for companies which match employee donations actually proceed to submit their matching gift requests?

Overcoming the lack of awareness and know-how is a challenge most nonprofits face.

At Double the Donation, we provide fundraising tools to nonprofits across the United States, Canada, and UK to help them raise more money from employee matching gift programs.

Our team of matching gift experts maintains the most up-to-date database of companies which match employee donations or offer grants when employees volunteer. Organizations who subscribe to Double the Donation's service can either build and host a dedicated matching gift page on Double the Donation's servers or embed our entire matching gift database which includes forms, guidelines, and instructions directly on their own websites. 

Examples of Double the Donation's matching gift plugin embedded directly on a nonprofits' websites include:

Or view the user experience for an organization such as Lazarex Cancer Foundation which directs donors to a matching gift page on Double the Donation's servers.

By streamlining the matching gift process for organizations' donors, they can more easily submit match requests to their employers, thereby doubling their original donation.

Learn more about Double the Donation's service at or keep up with matching gift news by visiting Double the Donation's blog.

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