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About Us

How We Work

Giving Tree Associates specializes in creating customized and sustainable long-term development strategies for our clients. We work with you to assess current and future needs, develop fundraising plans, and assess and develop the professional and volunteer leadership that will allow your organization to thrive.

Principal Involvement

When consulting firms are trying to make a sale to a prospective client, their principals tend to be closely involved with initial meetings and negotiations. Unfortunately, nonprofits are often disappointed when they do not end up working directly with the firm's principals once the project begins. This is never the case with Giving Tree. Either Stefanie or Amy plays a central role in the design and implementation of every project. We believe that our clients deserve the highest level of expertise our firm can offer.

Our Hands-on Approach

Giving Tree is dedicated to ensuring that every client receives the highest quality of service. Each client is paired with a team of consultants whose experience best suits the organization's needs. We combine that close collaboration with an attention to detail to ensure measurable results. We make a commitment to understanding the day-to-day challenges of our clients. During the assessment phase of every project our consultants immerse themselves in the culture of your organization through on-site working sessions. We decide together how to best ensure your needs are met and your cultural nuances are incorporated into the process and final deliverables. Through this close partnership we can better analyze the challenges and opportunities that impact your strategic goals. After an in-depth analysis of your organization's development needs, Giving Tree will develop a comprehensive plan that your organization can implement immediately and carry into the future.

Project Management

Most nonprofits are confronted with limited staff resources and face excessive demands on their time. We tailor our approach to complement your organization's human and financial resources. Our experienced team works to develop campaign plans, timelines, case statements, prospect lists, campaign budgets, event strategies and training materials, all within your budget and staffing model. We help you build the internal structures necessary to deepen your roots and grow sustainably. Giving Tree's customized services include:

Giving Tree's customized services include: