The Kind Cut

  • California


Tamarac Drive
United States

About Us

The Kind Cut is a social movement and charitable organization started by hairstylist, Sascha Breuer, to encourage people to give back to their communities by bringing their respective professional skills and traits to provide simple services for those unable to afford. 

The LA based organization is self-run by Breuer who spends his off time bringing his hairstylist tools, traits, skills to the streets, homeless shelters, women’s shelters, foster care centers, hospitals and other places to provide haircuts, and smiles, to those otherwise unable to afford. Sascha has already brought #TheKindCut to the streets of Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Pasadena, Eagle Rock, and will continue to expand his reach to inspire more to give back. There are over 46,000 people currently homeless in the Los Angeles County alone, with over 549,000 currently homeless nationwide -- and many more living on extreme low wages (source). Often, homeless and people struggling on low incomes, do not have the opportunities to spend the excess money to pamper themselves. Something as simple as a haircut or trimming their beards, puts a smile on people’s faces while also boosting one’s esteem and confidence.