Communication for Development Ltd.

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About Us

Communication for Development Ltd (CfD) is a start-up communications consultancy, specialising in servicing the needs of international development and humanitarian organisations, as well as corporate social responsibility initiatives. Our team of creative associates includes photographers, videographers, creative writers and graphic designers, all of whom have a strong background in humanitarian and/or poverty reduction work. In line with the localised needs of our clients, these associates are spread around the world and can reach even the remotest areas.

CfD is built upon a belief in the transformational power of positive, inspiring images and stories. We combine our ability to create visual stories of change with our deep knowledge of development to provide compelling, engaging content. Our strength lies in our ability to showcase the impact of our clients’ essential work in ways that draw more positive attention and funding their way. Central to our approach is our promise to always ensure that people’s lives are portrayed in a dignified and ethical manner.