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About Us

Craftsman Technology Group was created to support and deliver successful projects exclusively for nonprofit and higher education clients. The size and sophistication of the sector – and the expectations placed upon us by our constituents – have grown exponentially in recent years. Robust systems are needed to provide effective constituent engagement – to compete for fundraising dollars, to deliver multi-channel communications and to execute programs.

Today, many organizations have developed sophisticated engagement strategies. However, few have the internal expertise to build the systems required to support these strategies. Application providers may offer tools and services but cannot ensure that your organization is ready to embrace the change internally or is fully prepared to manage the project required to realize the opportunity tools might present.

Craftsman Technology Group strives to be your project partner. Our expertise is in project management – and ensuring that your project realizes its objectives. We specialize in Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) and other engagement systems. This may include deploying a new fundraising system, an organization-wide CRM system (inclusive of programs, internal and external communication, etc.) or a new content management (CMS) solution.