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About Us


At Olive Grove, our vision is a “vibrant and just society” and we choose to work with clients who are as serious and motivated about that vision as we are. Olive Grove Consulting provides a full range of highly customized services to anyone interested in improving society, including nonprofits, corporations, government entities, philanthropists, individuals, and social venture entities. We are known for our integrity, confidentiality, flexibility, high-impact results, and the utmost professionalism. We partner with leaders who are committed to improving their organizations and continuously deepening their mission and impact. As a full service consulting firm, Olive Grove’s networked structure and learning-centered approach are unique in the field. Our approach allows us to leverage the wisdom and expertise of thought leaders nationally, and tap into a vast network of paid and pro bono providers. Through our collaborative learning environment – including working groups on topics critical to the sector such as succession planning, effective governance, and scaling great ideas – we engage innovative thinking and present new solutions for the sector.

Olive Grove’s activities and decisions are guided by four core values:

Courage Integrity Collaboration Thirst for learning

We are committed to professional development and providing employees with multiple avenues to advance their skills and leadership confidence. As an entrepreneurial and high-growth firm, successful employees are highly motivated, collaborative team players, have strong critical thinking and decision-making skills, and are able to work independently, bring great ideas to the table, and are flexible and adaptable.

Olive Grove has been growing rapidly despite the financial downturn, with over 100% growth in revenues from 2009 to 2010, and likely more than 200% growth in 2011. We have quadrupled our staff and our network of collaborating subcontractors and firms, and we are currently in negotiations on major initiatives (including acquiring a consulting practice on the East Coast, aligning with a university-based nonprofit leadership program, and a partnership with a leading national industry association). Our strategic goals include enhancing nation-wide presence in consulting and brand awareness, as well as quality assurance and developing a strong operational infrastructure to support growth.