Uphold 31:8, LLC

  • Virginia


10515 Limburg Court
United States

About Us

Mental Health Consulting: We do Mental Health consulting for non-profits and for-profits. Some services include facilitating classes, creating info-graphics and spreading awareness and education around Mental Health. Our primary focus are African-Americans but our scope is definitely not limited as Mental Health does not discriminate. In the realm of consulting we can help you identifying your stakeholders, engaging your core audience and how to serve your community best. We have partner agencies whose services range from marketing, graphic design, website building, social media, photography, videography and business administration. In addition, we are able to help with program management and possible group facilitation, as our owner holds a Masters in Social Work.

Community Initiatives: We care about our community. Our main community initiative is called Stop The Violence Movement, created to help alleviate teen violence. Through this initiative we also garnered the attention of our local elected officials and community leaders to attack these issues together. This was called "A Conversation with Community Leaders" a round-table discussion to identify plans to unify, collaborate and decrease teen violence in the community, which continues today.