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225 South Meramec Avenue
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About Us

Our years of experience, coupled with our deep knowledge of private, independent and international education, put us in a unique position to help your school adapt, change and grow. Everything we do aligns the right leadership with exceptional governance and a winning strategy to drive outcomes, enrollment and sustainable resources.

Strategy-We integrate strategy and marketing by rooting our work in a data-driven analysis of demography, economic and industry trends, and markers of school success. We leave clients with a unique process for re-calibrating goals and strategies to ensure ongoing freshness and relevance.

Governance-We employ a suite of tools including online and in-person seminars, board and head evaluation instruments, and consultations to raise the performance bar for independent school trustees. Our services are tailored to every type of board and every stage of board development.

Leadership-We believe that education is one of the most leadership-sensitive industries. Because we also believe leadership to be more personal than positional, we focus on building leadership capacity at the top, in the middle and in the bottom of our client organizations