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About LF Leadership

LF Leadership is a firm of consultants and coaches committed to developing effective leaders, teams, and organizations. Since 2005 we have assisted nonprofits and corporations in LA and San Bernardino Counties, Chicago, Mexico, and South Africa to achieve organizational and individual goals by building skills, increasing alignment, and engaging in collaborative action.

Our core services are:

  • Consulting with organizations, teams, and communities on organizational capacity building including leadership, strategy, organizational learning, and community health improvement. Our team includes experts who have designed capacity building programs, implemented technical assistance, and reviewed and administered capacity building grants. We are actively engaged in cutting-edge research on topics such as shared leadership in nonprofit boards of directors and governance of multisectoral Collective Impact initiatives.
  • Coaching managers, executives, and teams to develop individual and shared leadership, using methods that are integral in their approach and pragmatic in their delivery. Our certified coaches and consultants specialize in systemic change programs that combine facilitated team coaching with intensive individual leadership coaching.
  • Facilitating management teams, governing boards, collaboratives, and community coalitions to foster learning, build shared vision, and guide transformative action. We have years of experience and training in methodologies including assessment and team development including Facilitative Leadership from the Interaction Institute for Social Change, Team Coaching International, the Institute of Cultural Affairs’s Technology of Participation (ToP), multicultural change with Visions Inc., as well as Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, World Café, and many others.
  • Training leaders and teams in skills to communicate effectively, constructively manage conflict, learn from differences, and act purposefully. We have conducted trainings in management skills, strategic and adaptive leadership, and specific topics such as engaged fundraising, cultural competence, coaching skills for managers, and many others.

More information can be found at www.LFLeadership.com