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About Us

Oracle Educational Consulting ‘s philosophy is based upon a multi-faceted approach to improving student achievement by improving the level and effectiveness of educational leadership. It has taken into account the need for school districts to address the proficiency of educational leaders at various stages of their professional careers. Aspiring administrators, teacher leaders, new administrators and experienced educational leaders must all be included in a collaborative effort to improve student achievement in conjunction with its partners. These individualized learning experiences will “build capacity” in these high-need districts by developing effective educational leadership that will lead to a significant positive impact on student achievement. The professional learning experiences will focus on initial training and preparation, on-going professional development, and a district-wide belief that school reform must be part of the paradigm shift that seeks to improve all student achievement and not only that of low-performing students. Each school will have a program customized to coach, mentor, train and support educational leaders through a research-based process that is aligned with the needs of their individual target high-need school and/or school district.