Educational Alchemy

  • NY

About Us

Educational Alchemy LLC is a boutique Community-Based Organization focused on fostering the synergy created when holistic education is a community-wide effort.  Through After-School Programs, In-School Residencies, Professional Development Workshops, Parent Workshops and Curriculum and Leadership Consulting, Educational Alchemy seeks to engender academic and organizational communities with a sense of agency to use both new and refreshed tools to carve out a platform for their staff, administration, students and parents to share their authentic voice.  

Whether that voice is heard through a student-led Professional Development Workshop, seen in an original ethnographic theater piece, published in a community-wide literary journal or graphed in a character education-infused algebra lesson we strive to ensure that its echo is far-reaching and its impact is permanent.  We work individually with school communities, local companies and community-based organizations to customize and tailor programs designed to meet and exceed standards, generate meaningful excitement and fulfill individual and collective dreams.