Fierce Allies

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About Us

Fierce Allies is an intensive training, facilitation, and consulting program that fosters deep partnerships across divides of power and privilege. This work draws from the fields of Restorative Justice, somatic healing, experiential and Popular Education. It grounds participants in foundational practices where they learn to:

  • Responsibly  experience, express, and hear strong emotions, like anger, as gestures of love and respect, and 
  • Generate sustainable power-sharing and mutual accountability from any position of privilege or authority​​

Once trained in these practices, participants have a hunger and capacity for fiercely honest dialogue with the "other side". Supported by facilitated conflict-transformation processes, participants learn from, and attend to, contemporary and historical breaches of trust that have occurred between individuals and groups. They also deconstruct the systems of power and accountability that inhibit their relationships. They ultimately design and implement new organizing models that hold mutual accountability and power-sharing as paramount. Together they  create and nurture a culture in which cycles of dominance/oppression are replaced with healing cycles and diversity is able to harmoniously thrive. 

Fierce Allies affords oppressed people the power to reclaim responsibility for their own liberation. It invites people with privilege to engage in the struggle of equality and justice from positions other than shame, blame and hero.  It trains both in a body of practices that allow for trust building through fiercely honest dialogue.