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About Us

UCG seeks to strengthen community economics development nonprofit organizations, services, and social enterprises through the design and application of performance development strategies, accessible technologies, and collaborative consumption principles.

UCG is not just about consulting. We seek to promote the third sector as a necessary outlet and resource for high-quality professional services. Social initiatives play a vital role in healthy societies; one that cannot be attended to by government or economic stimulus alone. Only by providing these projects with access to professional services can we promote and protect a healthy future for all.

As a system, we promote our core values of social responsibility, individual accountability, collaboration, diversity, creativity, excellence, and continued learning.

By bringing together the diversity of our professionals with the social sector initiatives in this manner, we permit each individual to continue to develop and contribute their strengths to our collective projects. We recognize that our individual capacities are not strictly limited to our respective roles and titles, so a culture and practice of creative exploration and adaptation is the keystone to growth and stability.