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About Us

IMPLEXpartners makes complicated change possible for a wide range of organizations, from health care and human services to the arts.

Change comes in many forms: restructured operations, mergers and acquisitions, financial turnarounds, performance improvement campaigns, new business lines, shared service arrangements, new technologies and others.

These changes are tough to devise and tougher still to execute. Two thirds fail due to poor strategies, leadership difficulties, lack of support and other reasons.

What’s clear is that to succeed you have to master both the hard issues — strategy, operations, finance and the like — and the soft ones — leadership, competence, teamwork and others.

Unlike many consultants, IMPLEXpartners works expertly with both the hard and the soft, improving the odds for success significantly.

We meet organizations where they are and bring them farther than they think they can go, getting difficult things done by focusing intently on measurable results. 

We are practical, perceptive and adaptive. Clients say one of our greatest strengths is our ability to adjust quickly to new conditions as work progresses.

We adapt quickly because we listen intently, we bring a wide range of strategic, analytical and organizational abilities to the table, and we’re determined to get things done.