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About Us

The How We Fund It system was developed by Kimberley Fisher, a former school teacher turned businesswoman, who eventually rose to an executive level position in healthcare management.

In January, 2015, she decided she’d had enough of the corporate world and in a moment of desperation--or inspiration--she quit her job and set about to start a business that would reinvent school fundraising.

The How We Fund It system is set to make a big impact on the way schools and non-profit organizations raise money in 2016. How We Fund It enables a school or non-profit organization to build a large base of members who give support through their How-We.Live Membership fee. In order to quickly build a membership base with ease we have developed two proprietary tools: the website and the How-Wallet App. With these tools we can help an organization raise $60,000 per year with just 500 new, How-We.Live members.