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About Us

COFT HR Consulting is a business consulting organization in Haiti with a specialization in Human Resources Management, Training and Recruitment.  COFT started in the State of Florida with a subsidiary in Haiti. COFT HR Consulting was created by a group of professionals with the desire to offer their expertise to the economic and social development of Haiti’s workforce for sustainable development.    

Our mission is to:

1.     Offer cost-effective and top-notch training

2.     Equip organizations with cutting-edge Human Resources solutions and Talented Staff

3.     Provide businesses with sounds strategies to achieve bottom-line objectives

Our Vision is to:

Be a hub for vital resources for employers through result-driving and scientifically-proven methods.  Additionally, our aim is to be the premier talent acquisition, training and human resources management firm for companies in their pursuit of maximizing performance and minimizing costs in this highly competitive business environment.

Our HR Consulting Services:

COFT HR Consulting is your sole resource for all your human resource needs in Haiti. From recruiting to HR generalist, benefits and compensation design, to HRIS analysis, we will connect you to our network of specialists who have been helping startups, governmental, not-for-profit, through the Fortune 250 elite in the Caribbean, US, Mexico, Europe, Africa and China with their HR strategies for nearly forty (40) years.

Ø Benefits and Compensation

Ø Communication Administration

Ø Employee Relations

Ø Executive Coaching


Ø Job Analysis

Ø Job Classification and Compensation

Ø Leadership Development

Ø Organizational Development

Ø Performance Appraisal

Ø Performance Measurement and Conflict Resolution

Ø Professional Development

Ø Public Relations

Ø Reward System

Ø Safety Program

Ø Talent Acquisition - Staffing, Recruitment & Selection

Ø Training and Development

Ø Wellness Program

Ø Workforce Planning and Development (Assess, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate)

Ø Workforce Maintenance

Ø Workforce Performance

Why Choose COFT?

Your bottom-line objectives are important to us. Your specific requirements will be taken seriously. We will listen to your needs and make sure you get the expertise you are looking for. And, we will work feverishly to exceed your expectations. Most importantly, we speak your LANGUAGE!

The Quality of our Work

Our highly experienced and skilled consultants will make the difference to your company. We will provide scientifically-proven, workable and effective solutions. We invested highly on our human capital’s skills and knowledge to offer you up-to-date information and technique for your HR solution.

Custom-Made Solutions

We design for you solutions and shape them around your specific requirements and will be one that fits with your objective, vision, values, culture and desired outcomes.

Value for Money

When you partner with COFT HR Consulting, it is our ultimate mission to add value to your business/organization. We will equip your staff with what it takes to maximize performance and minimize costs.