JOVEN360: El Salvador´s Internship Program and Professional Development of Youth

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About Us

JOVEN360 was founded by way of USAID´s Program to Improve Access to Employment and private entity Search. Search has been working for 17 years as a headhunter of executive positions and outplacements for businesses throughout El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, and the Dominican Republic with their hub office located in San Salvador, El Salvador. In collaboration with Search, USAID builds a higher skilled human capital by way of youth through increased access to employment and professional development opportunities. Thus, JOVEN360 was founded as El Salvador´s premier youth professional development program to create a culture of internships.

JOVEN360 presents a holistic approach to generation of human capital and prevention of violence via youth professional, academic, and vocational development. JOVEN360 connects El Salvadorean youth with businesses, NGO´s, and government institutions through their online platform ( Presently, boasts the participation of over 18,000 youth who have created an online profile and are searching for professional development opportunities among approximately 500 institutions. The online platform of JOVEN360 provides a user-friendly space and profile format where youth can highlight their hard and soft skills/experiences of interest to internship providers, without the heavy focus on work experience. JOVEN360 has generated a strong presence and following in social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and continues to seek and build new alliances nationally, regionally, and internationally.

In the effort to further strengthen the culture of internships and maintain these cost-free opportunities for El Salvadorean youth, JOVEN360 seeks to recruit and offer internship opportunities to foreign students (both in undergrad and graduate school) as well as professors for any period of time up to 6 months in El Salvador. These internships are to be developed on a case to case basis in accordance with the interests and experience of the intern, and can also be developed for groups of youth/professors. In addition, JOVEN360 can arrange reasonably priced internship packages with safe and comfortable living accomodations, transportation, food, visa information/guidance, cultural integration support, and other benefits depending upon the intern. For more details or questions, please contact Brianna Bailey at

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