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About Us

if i could... is a specialised internship programme within the development sector, for international students and graduates to gain profound and life-enriching experiences in Cape Town, South Africa and New Delhi, India. if i could… connects talented interns with established NGOs, so YOU can gain professional experience for a future in the development sector! Click here to view our Cape Town video, and here to view our New Delhi video!

Do you want to work in the development or humanitarian field?

Travel the world, learn about different cultures, and give back, all while gaining valuable work experience?

if i could... offers niche internships with reputable non-profit organisations based in Cape Town and New Delhi. Our experienced team will find a meaningful placement for you, tailored to your skill set and interests, including: Youth development, Community empowerment, Public health, Education, HIV/AIDS, Refugee/Asylum-seeking, Arts & Education, Government, Entrepreneurship, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, Counseling & Psychology, Social Work ... and much more!

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NOTE: The internships are unpaid and require a $1,595 USD fee. A $300 deposit is required before your internship placement.

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