Miracles Through His Hands

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4823 Clemson Street
San Antonio
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About Us

Miracles Through His Hands is a grassroots entity that serves the purpose to be obedient to our God-given natural talents for a lifetime of development.

Our ministry deals with natural talent within each individual. We incubate these gifts in people and teach principles of our natural God-given talents.

There will be many people who will grow up without recognizing, knowing, developing and using what is right at their fingertips ... their natural talents, the gifts from God that no one can take away from us. Perhaps the reason we have a high dropout rate in the school system of America is that we are too buy trying to re-guide, re-direct and mask our natural talents. When we help in the development of the talents in people and use these gifts we will have the solution which will help get us back on course.

We have to be obedient to our word by our commitment to "In God We Trust", our natural talent is the core of our existence in mankind and without proper development of ourselves we prohibit, prevent and corrupt the nature of our course. We lose. We must re-focus, we must build a foundation based on a true way, an honest and natural way to good things and true prosperity for all. As Americans we have been taught one must re-direct our dreams to fit in with a failing system. We are almost set up for failure. Competition is fierce and identities are limited.