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Incorporated in 1987, International Business & Technical Consultants, Inc. (IBTCI) remains focused on meeting the development assistance needs of emerging markets and developing countries by offering exceptional functional expertise, regional experience, and a commitment to excellence. IBTCI offers services in the practice areas of:


  • Accountancy, Integrity, and Financial Management (AIFM)
  • Banking and Non-Bank Financial Markets (B&NBFM)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
  • Procurement Reform (Procurement)
  • Sector Development and Competitiveness (SDC)

IBTCI has worked in over eighty-five countries on more than one hundred and thirty-five projects. IBTCI has served governments, private-sector companies and institutions such as the African Development Bank (AfDB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Department for International Development United Kingdom (DfID), the FIRST Initiative (FIRST), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and its Millennium Challenge Accounts (MCA), United Nations (UN), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Bank (WB). IBTCI is headquartered inVienna,Virginia,U.S.A. A recent sampling of technical assistance and training projects include:

AIFM and Procurement

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (USAID/MOBIS): Private Sector Accounting Reform
  • Egypt (WB): IFRS Training, Enhance Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Ethiopia: (Private) Management Development Services (Accounting and Financial Management) to Commercial Bank ofEthiopia
  • Iraq: (WB) Public Financial Management
  • Jordan (MCC): TA to Assess the Capability of Water Authority of Jordan to act as Fiscal Agent forMCC
  • Latvia (WB): Development of Prevention at the Corruption Prevention & Combating Bureau
  • Malawi (MCC):Malawi Procurement Training
  • Macedonia (WB): Development of State Audit Office
  • Moldova (WB): Strategic Development of the Court of Accounts , Performance Audit and the Audit of IT
  • Moldova(WB): The Development of the Audit of Local Authorities
  • Morocco (MCC): Standby Procurement Agent Services
  • Namibia (MCA): Fiscal Agent Services
  • Philippines (MCC): Procurement Agent Services
  • Slovakia (WB): TA to Introduce Accrual Accounting to Public Administration
  • Turkmenistan (USAID): International Accounting Reform Implementation
  • United States (OAS): Delivery of IPSAS Training Courses
  • Worldwide (UN): Services to Design/Develop Training Products to Support IPSAS Adoption


  • Bolivia (USAID):Mission Assessment for Program Planning
  • Cambodia: (USAID): Evaluation of the Counter-Trafficking in Persons Program
  • Georgia (U.S. State Department): MonitoringUSG $1billion Assistance Program Results inGeorgia
  • Iraq (USAID): Monitoring and Evaluation Performance Program, Phase II
  • Iraq (USAID): Evaluation of the USAID/Iraq Community Stabilization Program (CSP), COIN
  • Iraq and Jordan (CRDF/U.S. State Department): Independent M&E Support
  • Kenya (U.S. State Department): Evaluation of Humanitarian Assistance to Somali Refugees inKenya
  • Kyrgyzstan (USAID): Rule of Law Assessment
  • LAC (USAID): Evaluation of Regional Education Program
  • Middle East (USAID): Review of Office ofMiddle East Programs (OMEP) Youth Initiatives
  • Nigeria (DfID): Call Down Framework, M&E Task Orders
  • Senegal (WB): Governance Assessment Studies
  • Somalia (USAID): Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Worldwide (WB): Evaluation of the 2005 Global Development Marketplace Projects
  • Yemen (USAID): USAID/Yemen Monitoring and Evaluation Project
  • Yemen (USG): Monitoring Evaluation and Assessment


  • Albania (EBRD): Assistance with Restructuring of Different Functions of the National Bank
  • Bangladesh (WB):Enterprise Growth and Modernization Project/Sonali Bank
  • Bhutan(WB): Capacity for Investment Management for the National Pension and Provident Fund
  • Bhutan (ADB): Strengthening of Payment and Settlement System
  • Caribbean Region (FIRST): Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Payment Systems
  • China (ADB): China: Foreign Bank Rating and Risk Management System
  • Georgia (FIRST):Georgia Insurance Supervisory Strengthening
  • Ghana (MCA): Review of Payment System Laws
  • India (ADB): Regulation and Surveillance of the Derivatives Markets inIndia
  • Iraq (WB): Emergency Banking Sector Reform Project
  • Jamaica (IDB): Developing Minimum Actuarial Standards and Strengthening
  • Kyrgyz Republic (ADB): Supervision of Micro-Finance Institutions
  • Nepal (WB): Nepal Financial Sector Technical Assistance Project, Nepal Bank Limited
  • Philippines (WB): Development of Information Technology Supervision Capacity
  • Rwanda (FIRST): Modernization of theRwanda National Payment System
  • Sierra Leone (FIRST): Supervision of NBFIs – Assessment andCapacityBuilding


  • Armenia (USAID): Privatization and Reform Project
  • Bangladesh (WB): Export Diversification Project – BDXDP
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina (USAID): Privatization of Strategic Enterprises.
  • Egypt (USAID): Privatization Program Evaluation
  • Georgia (USAID): Assessment of the Transportation Sector andPotiPort
  • India (WB): Investment Climate in the State ofUttar Pradesh
  • Kosovo: TA for the Establishment and Management of an Interim Credit Union for Lending to SMEs
  • Kyrgyz Republic: (ADB) Strengthening Corporate Governance and Judicial Reforms
  • Moldova (USAID): Support of Capital Markets Infrastructure and Acceleration of Cash Auctions of Residual and Reserved Shares
  • Moldova (WB): Agency forEnterprise Restructuring Assistance Training
  • Mongolia(MCA): Contract Administrator of National Competitive Grant Program for TVET
  • Montenegro: TA for Establishment of a Euro Info Correspondence Centre, SME Development Agency
  • Nigeria (DfID): Call Down Framework Contract for the Bureau of Public Enterprises (51 task /work orders)
  • Nigeria: (USAID) Support to the Government's Broad‑Based Privatization Program
  • Nigeria(USAID): Support to Government Economic Management and Policy Analysis
  • Worldwide (USAID): Privatization Best Practices

Incorporated in 1987, International Business & Technical Consultants, Inc. (IBTCI) remains focused on meeting the development assistance needs of emerging markets and developing countries by offering exceptional functional…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Economic Development
  • Science & Technology


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