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About Us

Non-profit organizations are struggling to survive as both government and foundation grant funding have been drastically cut. At the same time, demands for services have increased. Traditional fundraising approaches are time consuming, require upfront investment and produce limited dollars. They are not sustainable and must be repeated year after year to just survive.

Many nonprofits are looking for innovative strategies to not only find new donors, but also to keep them. Instead of seeking donors through traditional methods (direct mail, social events, telemarketing), they are looking for new ways to engage people already involved with their organization, and to reach out to their circles of connection and influence.

Fundraiser Plus is an experienced consulting firm focused on assisting our non profit clients to reach their fund development goals by mobilizing their social networks. We utilize strategies that are mutually beneficial for all involved. Our mission is to help non profit organizations create a sustainable source of funds while building the health and wellness of your community of supporters.